Harrisburg, June 30, 2015 – State Sen. Lisa M. Boscola today called the Republican-sponsored state budget plan a sham; criticizing it for ignoring the public’s deafening demand for property tax relief/elimination. The budget proposal (House Bill 1192) passed on a 30-19 party line vote.

“This budget proposal is missing a key component that Pennsylvanians are demanding…relief on property taxes,” Boscola said. “I’m disappointed that the majority would advance this gimmicky public relations stunt that isn’t balanced, would worsen our state’s deficit and shortchange numerous important services and programs.

“Year after year, I implore that we invest in proven job training and economic development initiatives that bring us a return on our dollar. Instead of doing more to stoke our economy and create jobs, this budget has devastating cuts to these jobs and economic development initiatives.

“I’m also stunned that my colleagues are not willing to do anything to cut property taxes. Senior citizens on fixed incomes and struggling working families cannot continue to pay ever-escalating property tax bills. This inaction is even more outrageous when one sees how state government has consistently retreated from its funding share to schools over the past several decades.

“With a veto almost assured, I hope the majority is finally ready to check politics at the door and negotiate in good faith on a spending plan that best serves our citizens. In that spirit, all of us should insist that property tax reform or elimination be a key component of any final budget agreement.”

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