Harrisburg, May 11, 2011— State Sen. Lisa Boscola today introduced an amendment that would require nearly all state employees, including legislators, to publicly divulge detailed information on mileage reimbursement claims.

The Senate unanimously approved the Boscola austerity measure.

“In our effort to instill greater accountability and cut government waste, my amendment would require that information on state mileage claims be made available to the public on the Internet,” Boscola said.

Under her proposal, those who use their personal vehicles and claim mileage reimbursement would be required to provide their name, agency, date of travel, reason for travel, and number of miles claimed. Each state agency would be required to publicly provide detailed reports of mileage reimbursement every 90 days.

Boscola amended her proposal into Senate Bill 104, which would require that detailed information on the use of state fleet vehicles be made available to the public on the Internet.

“There is no reason or excuse to exclude employees who claim mileage reimbursement from these transparent and publicly-accessible reporting requirements,” Boscola said.  “After all, all the reimbursements come from tax dollars.”

The amended bill now goes before the full Senate for consideration.

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