Harrisburg, June 28, 2011— Stating that “irresponsible budget cuts are just as bad as irresponsible spending,” state Sen. Lisa M. Boscola today voted against the state’s new $27.15 billion spending plan, which passed the Senate in a party line vote. She provided the following statement:

“This budget required some tough choices to reduce government spending, but it also includes some very bad choices. Especially choices about how to re-invest and use the 27.15 billion dollars that is available – for the benefit of as many Pennsylvanian families as we possibly can.

“Not only does this budget take Pennsylvania back to 2008, back to pre-recession spending levels, but it also pretends that we haven’t really been in “a recession” these past three years.

“At a time of continued high unemployment rates, there is absolutely no sign of any commitment under this budget to create new jobs. This budget actually cuts critical economic development funding by 25 percent!

“Some of these programs being cut generate as much as a six-to-one return on our investment.

“I am also outraged by a budget that kicks 41,000 working people off of the adultBasic health insurance program while spending nearly double to provide even better health care to 51,000 convicted criminals at our state prisons. I have a real problem understanding how it’s better to appropriate $236 million to provide free health care to 51,000 murderers, robbers, rapists and gang members rather than spend a fraction of that amount to provide the bare minimum of health care to 41,000 struggling, law-abiding citizens.

“No matter how anyone tries to spin this year’s budget, it will always be known as the ‘Marcellus Shame’ – and always mentioned in the same sentence as Governor Corbett’s name.”

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