Bethlehem, January 4, 2013 – State Sen. Lisa M. Boscola today said she is pleased with the state Department of Revenue’s decision to delay for one year implementation of the new Small Games of Chance reporting requirements.

Last month, Boscola and her Democratic colleagues requested the delay to allow more time for lawmakers to update what she described as a “law with onerous reporting requirements.”  She said many volunteer organizations were unprepared to comply with the Department of Revenue’s arbitrary February 1, 2013 reporting deadline.

“As the law currently stands, it is confusing, burdensome, makes commonly acceptable fundraising practices illegal and hampers a community organization’s ability to attract volunteers and raise funds,” Boscola said. “Our volunteer fire departments, veterans’ clubs, social and civic organizations deserve better.

“This one-year reprieve will give legislators more time to take a closer look at this law (Act 2 of 2012) and hopefully simplify it.”

Boscola said she and fellow Democrats are already preparing bills that would make improvements to the law. For example, one measure would allow volunteer groups to sell raffle tickets across county lines – a practice that is technically illegal, but commonly done. Another proposal would allow non-members to help an organization to sell raffle tickets. Yet another proposal would minimize reporting requirements, especially for smaller charitable organizations.

“Our local volunteer groups do so much good in our communities,” Boscola said. “Our laws governing small games of chance should be reasonable, rational and encourage participation and membership in these organizations.”

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