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State Senator Lisa M. Boscola - Your Voice in Harrisburg

Cleaning Snow and Ice off of Large Trucks

As winter continues to bear down upon us, I recently reintroduced legislation to make traveling on our roadways safer during the winter months.  My legislation would require large tractor trailers to remove snow and ice before entering our roads and highways.  Penalties for not doing so could result in the driver being issued a fine.

snow removalThis legislation is in response to a tragic 2005 Christmas Day accident that forever changed a Lehigh Valley family.  Christine Lambert was driving on a holiday trip with her family, headed to visit her parents in Carbon County.  An 8-inch chunk of ice became dislodged from a tractor-trailer and flew through Christine’s windshield.  Sadly, she was killed instantly.  Ten years later, Pennsylvania law still does not adequately protect travelers from accumulated snow and ice on tractor trailers. By not requiring the removal of snow and ice, the law punishes only after significant injury or death. Common sense says it is better to avoid the harm by requiring the removal of snow and ice from tractor trailers in the first place that is what my legislation would do.

Several businesses in the Lehigh Valley have shown great initiative by proactively installing drive-through scraper systems for trucks.  In some cases, the workers at these businesses used some great ingenuity and creativity to construct their own scraper systems with scrap metal lying around the warehouse.  Others have invested in state-of-the-art snow and ice removal systems to have vehicles safely and thoroughly cleared before entering the roadway.  I commend those responsible corporate neighbors.

In addition to highway safety, not cleaning large trucks from snow has other impacts.  The added weight caused by snow and ice accumulation decreases gas mileage, causes greater strain on the vehicle, and further worsens the wear and tear on our roads.  It is time we make proactive safety decisions and pass this long-overdue legislation.

Did you know your Super Bowl Pool is Illegal?

Football PoolHow many of us have participated in that block pool being passed around the office this week or at a Super Bowl party this Sunday?  If you did so, do you realize you just broke the law?

This week, I reintroduced my legislation to decriminalize small betting pools in Pennsylvania.  The bill is modeled after similar laws in Vermont and Iowa.

My legislation, Senate Bill 338, would allow small betting pools if the following conditions are met:

  • the entry amount is $20 or less;

  • there are no more than 100 participants; and

  • all pool proceeds are awarded to the contestants.

These small pools are a simply a fun, spirited and harmless way to test one’s knowledge and luck at sports.  So this Sunday, if you aren't a Patriots or Seahawks' fan, good luck in your football pool if you are participating in one.  Hopefully, the experience won't be deflating.

Valley Forge Military College Scholarship for Resident of the 18th Senatorial District

For the second straight year, one high school senior from my Senatorial District is eligible to receive a scholarship to attend the Valley Forge Military College (VFMC).  The scholarship is made available through a partnership with the school.

This partnership will allow one student from my district to attend this high quality educational institution, located in Wayne, PA.  Through its military structured environment, students receive an education that will prepare them to go on to a four year college or a service academy.  For students interested in serving our country, Valley Forge Military Academy gives them an outstanding opportunity to learn about a career in the military.

The deadline to apply for the scholarship is Friday, February 13, 2015.

Valley Forge Military CollegeThe student will be chosen by a selection committee and will receive guaranteed acceptance to Valley Forge Military College and a minimum $12,000 scholarship from VFMC. If desired, the student will also have the opportunity to be nominated to the Early Commissioning Program (ECP) at Valley Forge, where if the nominee is accepted, the student can receive an essentially cost free college education.  Upon completion of the ECP, students can earn a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army in just two years instead of four.

If you are a student or know of a student in the 18th Senatorial District that is interested in obtaining an application or more information, please contact Kurt Derr in my Bethlehem office at 610-868-8667.

More information on the scholarship program is available on Valley Forge Military College’s website at

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