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End of Session

The end of Session last week was very busy & productive!  Governor Wolf has acted on a total 89 pieces of legislation, signing all but four into law yesterday with the other bills vetoed.

With Governor Wolf’s approval and signature of House Bill 270, new PACENET income limits are effective immediately. This legislation provides a $4,000 increase for both single and married Pennsylvanians. Total income for a single individual can now be between $14,500 and $27,500, and total combined income for a married couple can now be between $17,700 and $35,500.

PACE, PACENET and PACE plus Medicare are Pennsylvania's prescription assistance programs for older adults, offering low-cost prescription medication to qualified residents, age 65 and older. For information, call 1-800-225-7223 or visit

As for the other bills that were enacted, they include legislation offering additional graduation options for Pennsylvania high schoolers; implementing some reforms to the state’s welfare programs; making fixes to Pennsylvania’s Workers' Compensation system; protecting the child victims of human trafficking; seeking to improve the state’s criminal justice system and its post-conviction processes; protecting parking spaces for disabled veterans; imposing tougher penalties on repeated DUI offenders; establishing guidelines for public safety facility closures; and protecting dogs and cats left in hot cars.

The following is a complete list of the bills signed into law by the governor on Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2018:

  • House Bill 26 (Act 91 of 2018) - Amends the Vehicle Code to permit organizational registration plates for use on motorcycles; allow for abbreviated portions of an organization’s name on special plates; and establish new specialty plates.

  • House Bill 44 (Act 92) - Amends the Protection From Abuse Act to provide the court with information regarding whether the defendant has been involved with a child abuse investigation.

  • House Bill 99 (Act 99): Allows boroughs to make contracts or purchases without requiring advertising, bidding or price quotations in situations deemed emergencies.

  • House Bill 126 (Act 93) - Broaden the number of entities that could store non-patient specific epinephrine injectors, with the bill also including provisions to establish a clear difference between what is considered an "inducement" – a payment for a patient to participate in a cancer clinical trial – and the reimbursement of expenses for participating in a clinical trial.

  • House Bill 149 (Act 94) - Amends the Crimes Code regarding unlawful use of an audio or video recording device in court.

  • House Bill 163 (Act 95) - Removes the federally mandated driver’s license suspensions for drug/controlled substance convictions as well as state-imposed suspensions for five other crimes, while adding a suspension for terroristic threats made against any school property.

  • House Bill 353 (Act 96) - Requires electronic prescriptions of Schedule II, III and IV controlled substances and establishes exceptions to the requirement.

  • House Bill 504 (Act 97) - Provides for self-service storage facility insurance.

  • House Bill 544 (Act 98) - Amends the state’s recreational use of land liability law to clarify and expand its protections for landowners.

  • House Bill 645 (Act 100) - Amends the Tax Reform Code to increase the amount of available tax credits in the Neighborhood Assistance Program and to establish a Realty Transfer Tax exemption.

  • House Bill 927 (Act 101) - Grants municipalities an exemption from establishing a leaf waste collection program.

  • House Bill 983 (Act 102) - Provides that neither spousal support nor alimony pendente lite will be ordered to any party that has been convicted of committing a personal injury crime against the other party, except when the court finds that an order for support or alimony is necessary to prevent manifest injustice.

  • House Bill 1013 (Act 103) - Requires reimbursement for emergency medical services provided when no transport of a patient occurs and establishes the Quality Eye Care of Insured Pennsylvanians Act.

  • House Bill 1216 (Act 104) - Amends the Judicial Code to grants civil immunity for entering a motor vehicle to rescue a cat or dog and amends the Crimes Code to define “service, guide or support dog” and to make consistent changes.

  • House Bill 1228 (Act 105) - Allows students to wear sun protective clothing outdoors and self-apply a topical sunscreen during school, at school activities and while under supervision of school personnel without a note or prescription from their physician.

  • House Bill 1233 (Act 106) - Establishes a new standard for assisted outpatient mental health treatment for seriously mentally ill individuals.

  • House Bill 1284 (Act 107) - Enacts the Pennsylvania Business One-Stop Shop Act within the Department of Community and Economic Development (department) to provide online, one-stop service to assist businesses.

  • House Bill 1294 (Act 108) - Allows motorcycles to display a special license plate for Purple Heart recipients, creates a new Legion of Merit plate and enables network company drivers to display illuminated signs inside their vehicles.

  • House Bill 1511 (Act 109) - Amends the Tax Reform Code to update and clarify the collection of the hotel occupancy tax from online travel companies.

  • House Bill 1822 (Act 110) - Allows institutions of higher education to establish student mental health and suicide prevention plans and to provide for an institution that implements a plan to be designated as a certified suicide prevention institution of higher education.

  • House Bill 1840 (Act 111) - Re-establishes a provision in the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act authorizing Impairment Rating Evaluations (IREs) for claimants and makes additional changes to address the 2017 state Supreme Court’s ruling in Protz v. WCAB with a reduction (to 35 percent) of the impairment threshold; and increases the burial benefit in the act from $3,000 to $7,000.

  • House Bill 1884 (Act 112) - Requires that the results of diagnostic imaging services performed on an outpatient basis be provided directly to patients if the imaging service entity believes a significant abnormality may exist.

  • House Bill 1885 (Act 113) - Amends the Decedents, Estates and Fiduciaries Code to allow the Register of Wills to require a personal representative to post additional security without court approval.

  • House Bill 1886 (Act 114) - Requires the clerk of the orphans’ court to transmit to the court a list of guardians who are delinquent at least 30 days in filing required reports, with the court required to take appropriate enforcement action against such guardians.

  • House Bill 1936 (Act 115) - Makes editorial and reference changes to the Vehicle Code that apply to all-terrain vehicles and extends the sunset date of the weight and size exemption for timber industry vehicles by five years.

  • House Bill 1951 (Act 116) – Creates a new summary offense for anyone who knowingly sells or purchases with the intent to sell a finished drug product containing any quantity of dextromethorphan to a person who is less than 18 years of age; or falsely represents themselves to be 18 years of age or older to another for the purpose of procuring a finished drug product containing any quantity of dextromethorphan.

  • House Bill 1958 (Act 117) - Allows for the platooning of certain vehicles and authorizes the use of fully autonomous work-zone vehicles by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, and establishes the Highly Automated Vehicle Advisory Committee.

  • House Bill 2049 (Act 118) - Creates the Assistance and Service Animal Integrity Act to provide for documentation requirements for service and assistance animals in housing and to establish penalties for misrepresentation.

  • House Bill 2052 (Act 119) - Requires public school entities to provide support services and information to a student whose parent or guardian is a member of the armed services being called to and while serving on active duty beginning with the 2018-2019 school year.

  • House Bill 2075 (Act 120) - Authorizes rate recovery by a water public utility for costs incurred to replace customer-owned lead water service lines and damaged wastewater laterals.

  • House Bill 2124 (Act 121) - Requires institutions of higher education to send annual letters to students with information regarding their education loan debt.

  • House Bill 2453 (Act 122) - Amends the Check Casher Licensing Act by updating licensing provisions and permitting the cashing of post-dated government, government assistance and payroll checks.

  • House Bill 2476 (Act 123) - Permits Commonwealth employees who work at State correctional institutions to carry or store one lawfully owned and transported firearm and ammunition in a vehicle located at a specified location outside of the State correctional institution upon providing advance written notice to the chief administrator of the State correctional institution.

  • House Bill 2557 (Act 124) - Allows the City of Harrisburg to keep its existing taxing authority with conditions after exiting Act 47, the state program for distressed municipalities, with that taxing authority lasting five years after the city exits Act 47.

  • Senate Bill 6 (Act 125) - Amends the Human Services Code to address the valuation of a family vehicle, lottery winnings which are attributable as resources, drug kingpin provisions, Megan’s Law compliance provisions, grading of welfare fraud, use of an access device, and procedure for the replacement of a lost access device.

  • Senate Bill 31 (Act 126) - Establishes the Spinal Cord Injury Research Program and allocates funding from the Tobacco Settlement Fund for appropriate research.

  • Senate Bill 299 (Act 127) - Exempts sitting Magisterial District Judges (MDJs) from the requirement to file a nominating petition with 100 or more signatures for re-election, and to instead allow the filing of a certificate of nomination for reelection, with the proviso that the MDJ incumbent utilizing this procedure may not challenge the nominating petition of another MDJ candidate.

  • Senate Bill 353 (Act 128) - Authorizes the conveyance of land and improvements in: East Vincent Township, Chester County; the City of Harrisburg, Dauphin County; Collegeville Borough, Montgomery County; Borough of Chambersburg, Franklin County; the 6th Ward of Washington and partially in South Strabane Township, Washington County; and the Township of Whitemarsh, Montgomery County.

  • Senate Bill 403 (Act 129) - Changes the composition of the Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission.

  • Senate Bill 554 (Act 130) - Requires the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services to establish a set of statewide protocols to provide specialized services and coordinate the delivery of services for sexually exploited children (victims of sexual servitude or sex trafficking by use of force, fraud or coercion).

  • Senate Bill 627 (Act 131) - Amends the Tax Reform Code by further defining “taxable income” as it relates to the corporate net income tax and the apportionment of income for corporations transacting business in more than one state.

  • Senate Bill 676 (Act 132) - Amends the Workers’ Compensation Act to provide for the solvency of the Uninsured Employers Guaranty Fund.

  • Senate Bill 748 (Act 133) - establishes guidelines for public safety facility closures.

  • Senate Bill 764 (Act 134) - Amends the Board of Vehicles Act to establish a specific chapter for recreational vehicles, with the legislation to take effect in one year and be applicable to recreational vehicle manufacturer/dealer agreements entered into/renewed on or after the effective date.

  • Senate Bill 771 (Act 135) - Amends the Borough Code and Third Class City Code to provide for concise publication of annual financial reporting information in a newspaper of general circulation.

  • Senate Bill 772 (Act 136) - Amends the First Class Township Code to provide for concise publication of annual financial reporting information in a newspaper of general circulation.

  • Senate Bill 773 (Act 137) - Amends Act 253 of 1929 (relating to Incorporated Towns) to provide for concise publication of annual financial reporting information in a newspaper of general circulation.

  • Senate Bill 796 (Act 138) - Eliminates the fee associated with a change of address on a commercial driver’s license if the current address has been changed by a government entity; eliminates duplicate registration fees for applicants who print their own copies; provides for registration of recreational trailers/cargo trailers; addresses transfer of vehicle ownership; and extends logging/forestry bonded roads exemption.

  • Senate Bill 798 (Act 139) - Adds one-star and two-star active duty retired generals to the appointee options for the Pennsylvania Military Community Enhancement Commission and requires that an individual who is appointed as an active duty retired general be a resident of the Commonwealth.

  • Senate Bill 801 (Act 140) - Permits a borough or third-class city to purchase used personal property from volunteer emergency service organizations without bid.

  • Senate Bill 802 (Act 141) - Permits townships of the first class to purchase used personal property from volunteer emergency service organizations without bid.

  • Senate Bill 803 (Act 142) - Permits townships of the second class to purchase used personal property from volunteer emergency service organizations without bid.

  • Senate Bill 804 (Act 143) - Permits incorporated towns to purchase used personal property from volunteer emergency service organizations without bid.

  • Senate Bill 888 (Act 144) - Creates the penalty of a summary offense for motorists who obstruct access to designated parking spaces, curb ramps and access aisles, with the fine to range from $100 to $300.

  • Senate Bill 897 (Act 145) - Amends the Crimes Code to revise the definition of victim for the purpose of restitution to include government agencies and businesses, as well as individuals.

  • Senate Bill 915 (Act 146) - Extends the time period for the filing of a post-conviction relief petition from 60 days to one year when new evidence is discovered.

  • Senate Bill 916 (Act 147) - Allows expanded post-conviction DNA testing to prove innocence when new technology would yield more accurate and probative results than technology available at the time of trial; with the bill also establishing a DNA database within the State Police to enhance the ability of law enforcement to detect repeat offenders, exclude innocent suspects, and deter criminal behavior in the first place.

  • Senate Bill 919 (Act 148) - Amends the Housing Authorities Law to allow for relocation of victims of domestic or sexual violence in a housing authority.

  • Senate Bill 945 (Act 149) - directs the Department of Transportation to provide for the ability of an applicant for a two-year vehicle registration to make a contribution of $6 to the Veterans' Trust Fund via the department's publicly accessible internet website.

  • Senate Bill 947 (Act 150) - Amends the Borough Code and Third Class City Code to increase the threshold for the sale of municipal personal property without the need to publicly advertise for bids.

  • Senate Bill 948 (Act 151) - Amends the First Class Township Code to increase the threshold for the sale of municipal personal property without the need to publicly advertise for bids.

  • Senate Bill 949 (Act 152) - Amends Act 34 or 1953 (relating to Incorporated Towns) to increase the threshold for the sale of municipal personal property without the need to publicly advertise for bids.

  • Senate Bill 961 (Act 153) - Imposes stiffer punishments against habitual DUI offenders.

  • Senate Bill 1005 (Act 154) - Updates the County Code and moves the Second Class County A provisions into the County Code, with the entire The County Code updated to reflect case law and current practices, standards and requirements, and to update outdated or archaic language.

  • Senate Bill 1007 (Act 155) - Amends the Consolidated County Assessment Law to provide for increased training and qualifications of assessment appeal board and auxiliary appeal board members, to make changes to the assessment appeal process and to provide for certain notifications to property owners and penalties.

  • Senate Bill 1078 (Act 156) - Amends the Sunshine Act to allow an agency to hold an executive session to discuss, plan or review matters and records that are deemed necessary for emergency preparedness, protection of public safety and security of all property in a manner that, if disclosed, would be reasonably likely to jeopardize public safety or preparedness or public protection.

  • Senate Bill 1092 (Act 157) - Amends the Judicial Code to provide a sentence enhancement for a simple assault or aggravated assault committed against a family or household member when the defendant knew the crime was witnessed by a minor who is also a family or household member of the defendant or the victim.

  • Senate Bill 1095 (Act 158) - offers additional graduation options for Pennsylvania high schoolers.

  • Senate Bill 1098 (Act 159) - Amends the Vehicle Code to create a side stop signal arm speed enforcement system for failure to stop for a school bus with flashing red lights, creates a surcharge for illegally passing a school bus, and establishes the School Bus Safety Grant Program Fund.

  • Senate Bill 1127 (Act 160) - Amends the Crimes Code and the Procurement Code in order to create new penalties for trafficking in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits.

  • Senate Bill 1156 (Act 161) - Names several Pennsylvania bridges and highways.

  • Senate Bill 1171 (Act 162) - Defines members and duties of the Nutrient Management Advisory Board and the Agricultural Advisory Board.

  • Senate Bill 1205 (Act 163) - Requires extensive annual disclosure of an insurance company’s corporate governance practices.

  • Senate Bill 1209 (Act 164) - Amends the Sexual Assault Testing and Evidence Collection Act regarding timeframes for the submission of sexual assault evidence.

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