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State Senator Lisa M. Boscola - Your Voice in Harrisburg

Recognizing the Importance of Utility Careers in the Community

Senator Lisa BoscolaI had the pleasure of speaking alongside colleagues and leadership from the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission to recognize Utility Careers Month in Pennsylvania.  This proclamation is not only about recognizing the thousands of individuals working diligently to provide us with electricity, natural gas, water and wastewater collection and treatment, but also recognizing the need for future career growth and opportunities in these rewarding fields for students and young adults.  On a daily basis, we all take for granted the lights coming on with the flick of a switch, or the faucet providing clean water, but we do not take the time to consider the time and work being done by many people in order for those services to be provided to us on a constant basis.  Only in the events of Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission natural disasters – floods, major storms, blizzards – do we think of the sacrifice that utility employees make by leaving their own families to head into the elements and work non-stop hours to get these vital services back online and allow communities to recover.  For more information on utility careers, visiting the PUC’s dedicated website at

Senator Lisa Boscola participates in the 2018 Capitol All-Star Game to fight hunger.Bi-Partisan Softball Game Scores Donations for Hunger

Two teams made up of lawmakers from both parties and both legislative chambers played a charity softball game at FNB Field on City Island in Harrisburg Monday evening.  The ‘Yinz’ vs. the ‘Youse’ grudged it out on the field in rainy conditions but after 9 innings and several lead changes the ‘Yinz’ (of which I was on) pulled out a 10-8 victory.  The event began in 2013 and has raised nearly $200,000 for the Pennsylvania Hunger Coalition and Hunger PA causes.

Senator Lisa Boscola participates in the 2018 Capitol All-Star Game to fight hunger.

Giving You a Stronger Voice in Pennsylvania

On Tuesday I circulated a sponsorship memo to my colleagues in the Senate on a new proposal which seeks to amend the Pennsylvania Constitution to provide for direct ballot initiatives.  This initiative would enable Pennsylvania citizens to directly take up laws and proposals via the ballot box, and empower our citizens to get laws and amendments proposed and changed in a process which would circumvent the politics of Harrisburg.

I am proud to say that this bill (SB 1267) was introduced on September 26, 2018 and will be available for review on in the next few days.

In the meantime, please review the opinion editorial I released earlier this week addressing  the redistricting reform collapse which reinforces the need for voter initiative & referendum:


Keeping Lead Out of Your Drinking Water

faucetEarlier this week, the Senate Consumer Protection & Professional Licensure committee moved a bill that will impact many Pennsylvanians by addressing lead-line lateral pipes that bring water into our homes and businesses.  As Democratic Chair of this committee, I brokered an amendment which would provide for the removal and replacement of customer owned lead-pipes that carry water into our homes by the private water companies.  While the costs of replacement on average are in the thousands of dollars, this financial burden can put a homeowner in a precarious position of having to pay a lot of money or continue to have water being delivered from the curbside via a lead-lateral line.  As unanimously amended and adopted by the committee, the water company will be in a position to qualify the work as part of a distribution system improvement charge – a current function in law to provide system updates and provide safe, reliable and affordable service by a public utility.  This process will enable faster replacements without putting homeowners in a position to fork over thousands of dollars or be stuck having lead-pipes delivering water.

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