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Advocates Push for Lyme Disease Bill in Harrisburg Rally

Lyme Disease Awareness Day

Earlier this week, I proudly stood to support the efforts of the PA Lyme Resource Network in the Capitol Rotunda as they continued their noble effort to get House Bill 629 passed into law.

Pennsylvania ranks first across the U.S. in reported cases of Lyme disease. Shockingly, about 40 percent of all cases occur right here in Pennsylvania. Lyme disease affects every corner of our state. Nobody is immune from this disease that affects thousands. This is why ensuring the passage of House Bill 629 is so important.

With the efforts of PA Lyme Disease Network, the passing of House Bill 629 would ensure that more Pennsylvanians with Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses have increased access to diagnostics and treatments. Lyme Disease  Rally

With an increasing diagnostics rate in Pennsylvania, we should already have this type of legislation enacted. While Pennsylvania has more Lyme disease cases than any other state, it’s important to emphasize that other states have already enacted similar legislation to cover some of the costs of diagnostics and treatment services.

It’s time for Pennsylvania to follow suit.

Treatment for Lyme and other related diseases is expensive. Without the specific health insurance enhancement this bill would provide, Pennsylvanians would continue to struggle with limited access. This tragically marginalizes those who are suffering.

House Bill 629 would increase coverage in health insurance policies to lower the diagnostic and treatment costs. This would encourage more people to seek treatment at an earlier and more critical stage.

By stepping up awareness and improving access to care, I believe this would also help us encourage greater research -- and speed up medical access to improved and emerging diagnostic and treatment options.

Lyme Disease  RallyLyme disease is commonly misdiagnosed. It’s often called the “great imitator.” This bill would ensure proper and accurate diagnoses and help put people on a proper course of treatment and recovery.

At the rally, I commended Representative Rapp for introducing this legislation, and I am encouraged that House Bill 629 has gathered considerable bipartisan support in both the House and the Senate. I will continue to support & advocate for this bill – as well as any other bill that comes before me that will assist in helping to increase coverage, diagnosis and treatment.

Senate Unanimously Approves Snow/Ice Bill

The state Senate this week unanimously approved my snow/ice legislation that would require drivers to remove ice or snow from their vehicles within 24 hours following heavy snow or ice storms.

Winter RoadsNamed “Christine’s Law,” Senate Bill 114 would help prevent tragedies like the one that befell Christine Lambert of Palmer Township in 2005. She died when a large piece of ice dislodged from a passing truck and crashed through her windshield. Boscola has introduced her Christine’s Law bill in every Senate session following the tragic accident.

I am encouraged by today’s overwhelming bipartisan vote and I hope my House colleagues will act soon on the bill.  Building public awareness about highway safety and responsibility is a major component of this piece of legislation - encouraging more people to clear snow and ice from their vehicles.

If passed, this proposal would bolster existing law by deterring drivers and preventing tragedies before they happen. The state’s current law only penalizes a driver when serious bodily harm occurs from a snow or ice projectile. Christine’s Law would be more proactive, giving police officers discretion to pull over a vehicle where the buildup of ice or snow poses a potential hazard.

Last session, this bill (Senate Bill 435) unanimously passed the Senate, as well, but was not taken up in the House of Representatives prior to session concluding last November.  This week’s 49 to 0 Senate passage ensures that the House of Representatives has ample time for review and action.

This Week Around the Capitol

Heather Mitts

We welcomed Heather Mitts, a three-time Olympic gold medalist in women’s soccer, silver medalist in women’s world cup soccer & Delaware County resident, to the Capitol to help urge support for Senate Bill 44.  Senate Bill 44 is named ‘Victoria’s Law’ after a German Shepard rescued from a Pennsylvania puppy mill after 10 years of breeding that left her paralyzed. The bill would ban the sale of puppy mill dogs in pet stores and require the stores to only sell dogs, cats, and rabbits from rescues or shelters.


I had the honor of meeting with residents from the Lehigh Valley before they rallied in the Rotunda earlier in the week to discuss that healing and compassion can go a long way in rebuilding our communities. Pennsylvania has a need for prison sentence & probation reform - to give people who have served their time a chance at redemption & reentry into society. Powerful stuff.
Gene Gyeseck and Senator Lisa Boscola Gene Gyeseck, left, President of the West Coplay Maennerchor, was awarded the Northeast Regional Community Employer of the Year Award from the Pennsylvania Advocacy and Resources for Autism and Intellectual Disability (PAR). PAR is a nonprofit organization that represents home and community-based service providers in Pennsylvania. PAR members provide over $1.7 Billion in services and supports to tens of thousands of individuals in Pennsylvania with autism and/or intellectual disability. 
Bob & Carol Barron, from Bethlehem, were in the Capitol this week and were able to stop and chat with me for a few minutes.  As we were walking through the halls of the Capitol, we ran into Lt. Gov. Fetterman – he was kind enough to spare a few minutes of his time for my constituents and me. (Carol was excited – it was her BIRTHDAY!) Thanks to the Barron’s & to the Lt. Gov. for making my Monday GREAT!

Bob & Carol Barron

A Few Helpful Reminders...

REAL ID Reminder

Real IDHave you gotten your REAL ID yet? Are you interested in getting one?  If so, now is the perfect time to do so!

If you received your first Pennsylvania driver's license, learner's permit or photo ID card AFTER September 2003, PennDOT may already have your required REAL ID documentation on file.

If you fall into this category and would like PennDOT to verify that your required REAL ID documentation is on file, please click here to begin the REAL ID Online Pre-Verification application process. Once PennDOT has reviewed your record, you will receive an email stating whether your documentation is on file with the department. If you did not provide an email address, once PennDOT has reviewed your record, you will receive a postcard stating whether your documentation is on file with the department. If your documentation is on file with PennDOT, you will be able to order your REAL ID online without visiting a driver's license center at and your REAL ID will be sent through the mail.

Individuals who wish to obtain a REAL ID and received their first product BEFORE September 2003 must visit a PennDOT Driver License Center with the required documentation to pre-verify in person. Required documentation includes the following:

  • Proof of Identity (original or certified copy of a birth certificate with a raised seal, issued by an authorized government agency, or a valid U.S. Passport)
  • Social Security card
  • Proof of all legal name changes (marriage certificate, court order or divorce decree)
  • Two proofs of current, physical PA address (examples include a current PA license or ID and no more than a 90-day old bank statement or utility bill with the same name and address)

For additional information about REAL ID in Pennsylvania please visit or

Getting a REAL ID is optional for Pennsylvania residents but as a reminder, beginning October 1, 2020, Pennsylvanians will need a REAL ID-compliant driver's license, photo ID card, or another form of federally-acceptable identification (such as a valid passport or military ID) to board a domestic commercial flight or enter a federal building or military installation that requires ID.

Absentee Ballot Reminder

Vote PAAny voter who needs an absentee ballot for the Nov. 5 General Election can now request those ballots online at When an applicant completes the online form, the information is forwarded directly to the appropriate county elections office for processing. Anyone not wishing to apply online can download an application at or pick one up at any of my district offices.

The last day to apply for an absentee ballot is October 29 and voters must still mail or hand-deliver their completed ballot to their county election office by the deadline, which is 5 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 1.

Anyone voting by absentee ballot will be required to provide a PA Driver’s License number, PennDOT ID number, or last four digits of your Social Security number.  If you do not possess any of the aforementioned items, a copy of an acceptable ID must be provided with the application. For any questions please contact 412-350-4510 or visit

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