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D-Day 2019 Marks the 75th Anniversary of the Invasion of NormandyD-Day

Today marks the 75th anniversary since the D-Day invasion on June 6, 1944. This was the largest invasion by air, land and sea in history and involved more than 150,000 soldiers from the United States, Britain and Canada who stormed the Nazi-occupied French beaches of Normandy. The invasion is credited with changing the course of the war and ultimately pushing Nazi troops back to Germany. As veteran numbers diminish and with D-day poised to pass from living memory into history, the 75th anniversary is likely to be the last big official commemoration of the largest ever amphibious assault, which led to the liberation of Europe.

Boscola Bill to Assist Military Spouses Gets Voted Out of Committee Unanimously

SB356Earlier this week, the Consumer Protection & Professional Licensure committee advanced my bill (Senate Bill 356) which would establish a Military Spouse Licensure Portability Act in Pennsylvania.  The purpose of the bill is about helping military families, and its objective is to provide an easier transition for military spouses that have an occupation which requires a license issued by a state.  While attending a legislative conference last year, I learned about this issue and discovered that many military spouses are registered nurses, which requires a license to practice.  Many military spouses have to move quickly, sometimes due to a deployment, and the families sometimes relocate to be closer to relatives if the spouse is a working parent.  During the chaos of the move and transition to a new location, the process of obtaining a new license for an occupation in a new state can take significant time and a career ends up getting set aside in the shuffle.

My bill provides spouses of military personnel with a provisional license if they apply and meet the criteria from the department of state’s bureau of professional and occupational affairs.  Pennsylvania is one of only three states in the country that do not provide some mechanism for military spouses and professional license portability.  I will continue to push for the advancement of this legislation, and recognize the value and just one of the many special circumstances our military families are faced with.

National Higher Education Day Annually Promotes the Values and Importance of Higher Education

Today is a day we also celebrate National Higher Education Day - exponential costs of higher education and the United States opportunity gap have turned a college degree into something of a luxury for many Americans. Guiding and motivating future college students through the process of preparing for higher education will help increase their chances graduating with a degree.  

Created in 1963 by the Pennsylvania General Assembly, the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) has evolved into one of the nation's leading student aid organizations. Today, PHEAA is a national provider of student financial aid services, serving millions of students and thousands of schools through its loan guaranty, loan servicing, financial aid processing, outreach, and other student aid programs.

Pennsylvania has a new student loan program called PA Forward.  Through this loan program, PHEAA offers private student loan options for undergraduate students, graduate students, and parents to enable PA students to pursue their higher education dreams. Taking on a student loan is a significant financial commitment. Before taking out student loans, you should consider your options for grants, scholarships, and other forms of aid. At a minimum, be cautious not to borrow more than you'll be able to pay back. For free, helpful resources, visit

MySmartBorrowingIn addition to the PA Forward Program, PHEAA offers funding opportunities through the State Grant Program, State Work-Study Employment, Pennsylvania Targeted Industry Program (PA-TIP), Aid for Military & PA National Guard, Loan Forgiveness, and Ready to Succeed Scholarship (RTSS) Program.  Information & applications for all of these funding opportunities can be found by visiting

Keystone Scholars is Pennsylvania’s investment in your baby’s bright future

Did you know that Pennsylvania is now the largest state in the nation to offer a universal children’s savings program, thanks to bipartisan support last session, which created the Keystone Scholars Program.Keystone Scholars

Keystone Scholars is Pennsylvania’s investment in your baby’s bright future.

PA Treasury is investing $100 for every baby born or adopted after December 31, 2018 to families to be used for the baby’s future higher education expenses.

A baby with higher education savings at birth is three times more likely to enroll in education or training after high school and four times more likely to graduate.1

The $100 will be invested by the PA Treasury Department and will grow through the years right alongside your child. Your Keystone Scholars account can be used for qualified expenses when your child pursues higher education. These expenses include tuition, fees, books, and more at vocational or technical school, community college, two-year college, four-year college, and more.

This $100 seed will grow over time.  If a family continues to save as little as $25 per month using PA529, that child will already have more than $10,000 ready to use for postsecondary education.  Keystone Scholars is funded by philanthropic donations and surplus investment earnings within the PA529 College & Career Savings Program – and NOT taxpayer dollars!

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