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Waste-to-Energy Facility Tour

Senator Boscola Tours waste-to-energy facility

Senator Boscola Tours waste-to-energy facility Last week I participated in a tour of a waste-to-energy facility in York county.  This particular facility has been in operation since 1989 and is one of the largest producers of electricity from this type of plant in the state.  Like many of us are prone to do, we often think of waste-incinerators from many decades ago where there was a lot of pollution and hazardous materials being burnt and released into the environment.  Modern waste-to-energy is literally an entirely different process, where energy is produced, metals are recycled and even the final ash product is utilized in the manufacturing process.  As the Democratic chair of the Senate Consumer Protection & Professional Licensure Committee, I enjoy the opportunity to visit facilities such as these which create ways to serve a public benefit while also producing alternative forms of energy.

Did You Know…

The York County Resource Recovery Center, operated by Covanta York Renewable Energy, LLC, began commercial operation in 1989 and serves the municipal waste disposal needs of the nearly 400,000 residents of York County, PA? It is located on 112 acres and this facility processes 1,300+ tons of municipal solid waste per day, generating 36 to 40 megawatts of renewable electricity – enough to power over 20,000 homes!

Speaking of Alternative Energy

Census 20/20One of the many areas under the jurisdiction of the Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee is utility and energy transmission and distribution.  As the Democratic chair of the oversight committee for the state’s Public Utility Commission (PUC), my office receives regular reports and updates on programs enacted by law pertaining to all regulated utilities served by a utility company.  Once such law, enacted in 2004, is the state’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards (AEPS) Act.  This law mandated that by the year 2021, 18% of all electricity used in our state come from alternative or renewable energy sources.  As of September 2019, 14.7% of Pennsylvania electricity is powered by alternative energy such as wind, solar, landfill gas, hydroelectric and waste-to-energy, just to name a few.

Have you Shopped?

PA PowerswitchMany electricity users are already aware that you can shop for electricity providers, but there are still others that have not taken advantage.  By utilizing the PUC’s electric shopping guide, residential, business and commercial electricity users can browse varying offers by electric generation suppliers that will supply your electricity.  Over the years, many people have told me that they are aware of this but do not want to leave their longtime electric company, such as PPL.  In truth, PPL has and remains the electric distribution company, responsible for transmitting and distributing electricity into all the homes and businesses within its service territory.  By shopping for electricity, you chose who PPL gets your electricity from.  To learn more about shopping and switching, visit the PUC’s dedicated website at

Here to Help

While my office is always ready to help with state-related issues, including public utility concerns or questions, the public utility commission also has information and provides assistance with any utility-related issue.  To contact the PUC with any utility question, issue or comment, visit their website at and click on the ‘contact us’ link.  For residential public utility customers, the Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Advocate is also available for assistance related to public utility issues.  OCA can provide you with information pertaining to electricity shopping and guide you through dispute issues and options regarding your utilities.  Visit for more information.

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