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Primary Election Day is Coming!

As I am sure you are aware, the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has postponed Pennsylvania’s Primary to June 2.

To help protect public health and help mitigate the spread of the disease, I am urging all Pennsylvania voters to vote by mail this Primary Election Day. 

Not sure how to do it? No problem!


First, you have to make sure you’re registered to vote in Pennsylvania by typing your name, date of birth, county and ZIP code into this online portal. If it says “active,” you are already eligible to vote by mail. If not, you have until May 18 to register to vote by filling out this online application.

Now that you’re registered, you have until May 26 at 5 p.m. to apply for a mail-in ballot. Unlike traditional absentee ballots, you aren’t required to list an excuse for why you want to vote by mail, and not in person at your polling place.

There are two ways to apply for your mail-in ballot:

Apply online.

To do this, go to and fill out the online form. Make sure you have your Pennsylvania driver’s license or PennDOT-issued photo ID handy. You’ll need it to apply. If you don’t have either of those, or cannot provide the last four digits of your Social Security Number, you can submit an acceptable photo ID from the list found here, or consult this page’s FAQs for a list of exemptions.

Remember, you must complete this form by 5 p.m. on May 26. That’s the deadline.

Fill out a paper application and mail it to your county elections office.

Here is the application in English and here it is in Spanish.

Once again, you’ll have to write in your driver’s license number or PennDOT photo ID card number. If you don’t have those, the last four digits of your Social Security number will suffice. If you don’t have that, you’ll have to attach a photocopy of an acceptable ID from the list found here, or consult this page’s FAQs for a list of exemptions.

Once your application is complete, mail it to your county elections office.

Northampton County Elections Office
669 Washington St., Room 1211
Easton, PA 18042-4101
(610) 829-6260

County WebsiteNorthampton County Website

Lehigh County Voter Registration Office
Lehigh Coounty Government Center
17 S. 7th St.
Allentown, PA 18101
(610) 782-3194

County WebsiteLehigh County Website

You also can apply in person at your county election office!
Once your application is approved, you will receive correspondence on how and when you will obtain your ballot.

If you are unable to print out an application, please contact my office at (610) 868-8667 and we will gladly mail a paper application to you.

PLEASE NOTE – If you return a voted ballot by the deadline, you may NOT vote at your polling place. 

Update Your Voter RegistrationNeed to Update Your Voter Registration?

Have you recently moved? Changed your name? Want to change your party affiliation? You can UPDATE your voter registration at

As you know, as a college student in Pennsylvania, you have a choice about where you register to vote: at your home or college address.  If you had your absentee ballot sent to your SCHOOL address, please make sure to contact your local county elections office to have the address changed on your ballot – have your vote count!

You can contact my office if you have questions about registration or mail-in ballots, but using the online portal at remains the fastest way to complete the process. If you are having difficulty navigating you can call 1.877.VOTESPA (1.877.868.3772) for information from the Pennsylvania Department of State.

Stay up to date with the latest information on the pandemic at Please do your part to help stop the spread of the virus. Stay safe, stay at home, and don’t forget to wash your hands!

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