Harrisburg, December 10, 2015 – The State Senate today unanimously approved state Sen. Lisa M. Boscola’s road transfer legislation (Senate Bill 1064) that she said would bring an economic development project in the Lehigh Valley one step closer to reality.

“I am pleased with today’s bipartisan vote and am confident the House of Representatives will follow suit,” Boscola said. This road transfer step is at the foundation my efforts to bring the FedEx hub to the Lehigh Valley. Once completed, this project is expected to bring 5,500 jobs to our region.”

Boscola said she worked closely on the bill with Senators Pat Browne and Mario Scavello. Both co-sponsored her bill.

Senator Pat Browne, who serves as Senate Appropriations Committee chairman, added, “The construction of this new facility and the positive impact Fed Ex Ground will have on the regional economy is incredibly significant. This is a major investment by Fed Ex to locate such a large new operation with thousands of employees to the Lehigh Valley.”

“Fed Ex Ground is a Pennsylvania company,” Senator Scavello said Monday when the Boscola bill was reported out of the Senate Transportation Committee. “To be able to work with them and help them expand in Pennsylvania – and specifically the Lehigh Valley – is a tremendous win.”

The bill permits the transfer to the state six-tenths of a mile of Willowbrook Road from Race Street to the Hanover/Allen township line. Transferring that portion of the road completes the long approval process necessary for securing local permits.

The legislation now goes to the House for consideration.

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